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If you, like me, dread lizards and wonder why God ever took such pains to create them, you’ll understand this better…

I spent half my evening just chasing a silly lizard from room to room until I finally ended up with a severe headache! I would chase it from a corner in my bedroom to corner in the living room, and when I tried chasing it out of there, instead of running elsewhere, it would run right back to the same corner in my bedroom where I had found it in the first place! Back and forth it ran, with me running behind it, stick in hand (!!!) until it finally got the right idea and decided to run for its life – so fast, that I didn’t even have a clue as to where it had gone!

I guess we sometimes, like that lizard, run back and forth between problems and situations, with God chasing after us. He chases us out of corners in our lives that He knows aren’t the best for us, but oftentimes we run back to the same habits, relationships and lifestyles that He took so much pain chasing us out of.

Sometimes we run out of confusion and sometimes out of fear, but little do we realize that if we just allow Him to lead us, He will take us where we ought to go.

Hebrews 12:6 says, “Whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” I’d like to rephrase that as Whom the Lord loves He chases.” (for reasons of this illustration only.)

Most times we question God as to why He is chasing us around with seemingly no aim. The truth is, God is the only one who knows fully well what is best for us. Therefore, He sometimes has to be strict with us, chasing us with a rod in hand. At other times he may be gentle with us, carefully leading us out of situations.

As much as it might seem cruel of God to be chasing us, the fact that He does so only because He loves us is truly amazing. In our distress we fail too see the blessings God has in store for us, but only when we allow Him to push us to where He wants us to be, can we find true happiness, fulfillment and freedom.

I now realize that God must have created creatures such as lizards just to teach us poor ignorant, unseeing humans such valuable lessons as this.


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After having read my earlier blogs on lizards, you must have a fairly good idea as to how phobic I am about lizards. Just as little foxes can steal one’s happiness, in my case it has been the little (and giant) lizards that have driven me out of my wits and rendered me sleepless on several nights.

A few days ago, I was more than relieved to literally see the tail of one particularly large and ugly lizard that had not quite made up his mind whether my hall or my kitchen was the better of his haunts. Not only had he kept me confined to my bedroom most days, but he had also succeeded in creating in me a feeling of never wanting to go home at all. I would much rather have stayed at a friend’s place or worked late than have had to go home and gaze at his unsightliness!

Therefore, seeing him leave was the happiest moment of my life to say the least. I took full advantage of his departure and decided that if I wanted to seal any means of him or any of his companions from ever entering my house again, it was either now or never. So up I went on the highest object in my house – my refrigerator – and blocked the last reptilian gateway into my home. Phew! Finally!

Having done that, I should have been gallivanting around my house in glee, right? But that was not the case. There I was, still looking cautiously in every nook and corner, behind curtains and between door hinges – hunting for any signs of a lizard! I wanted to make sure that I had seen the last of the breed. Thankfully I found none, but that didn’t stop my vigilance.

So two nights later, when a newly hatched domestic reptile half the size of my little finger managed to find his way into my bedroom, I was glad to have been prepared with a mop near at hand. No murder ensued, but a teeny-weeny gap in my already blocked ventilator needed to be reinforced to prevent even the tiniest of trespassers from invading my territory again.

Keep checking in… There’s more to the story coming up…

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