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8:30 AM, 2 July 2010

The Ecker Ranch, Watford City, North Dakota

The bird of the past still beckons,

Its call enticingly sweet

Speaking of familiar ways

First contemptuous then browbeat.

Looking back, I ask the question,

“What’s in it for me?”

“Nothing,” is the honest answer,

It should be plain to see.

Relentless it tarries,

Coaxing sympathy

I turn away, face the wind head-on,

Declare: I’m free to be me!


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This is a rather personal post, one of my “conversations with the love most high”, more specifically His love song to me:

Come away with me
To a place of quiet & rest
I will feed & protect you
In my arms you’ll be blest
In my words you’ll find comfort
In my embrace, I’ll woo you to me
With sweet, kind, tenderness
Envelope you, consume you,
Take all of you into me
That we will be One
Body, mind, soul, spirit
I’ll show you the secrets
On my heart for the world,
Hear your woes & worries,
I’ll hold you when it hurts,
Whisper sweet somethings
In your ears till you burst
With joy and with freedom,
With fire for me.
So come away with me
To a place of quiet & rest.
I long to be with you,
To sing you a love song
While you lay on my breast.

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