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For all those in the state of Andhra Pradesh, did you know that you can actually make an online complaint about auto rickshaws that have tampered with their meters? The Transport Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh has a website which offers this facility. Whether action is taken or not, I do not know, but I think we, as e-citizens and consumers, don’t need to put up with unfair metering or harassment from auto drivers any more! We need to take more responsibility for our own well being and play an active role in putting an end to this. Here’s the link to the website:


Apparently you can also make complaints about other modes of transport as well. So check it out if you need to.


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An Autorickshaw (a.k.a. an auto)

The day before, I was responding to an email from a viewer of the show that I produce. He had watched an episode on money and how money isn’t all that matters in life. He said that he had been ‘soothed’ by the show. It seemed to me like he was facing some kind of a financial problem, so I took the opportunity to minister to his need through God’s word, reminding him that God cares about his needs and that He is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

Shortly after this, I packed up for the day and was on my way to the bank. Normally, walking from my office to the bank and then back home would be a distance of about 6 kilometers. If I had to use an autorickshaw (the common mode of hired transport here, a.k.a. ‘auto’ – see picture), that would cost me quite a bit.

So as I set off I wished silently that one of my company’s directors, who was also making a move, would offer to drop me. However, he had other plans… and so I began my walk… hardly had I walked a few steps when I heard a scooter pull up behind me and a sweet lady’s voice ask me whether I wanted a drop. I turned around to see one of my colleagues (of whom I had the opinion that she was slow in the head, and therefore hadn’t been very good to her whenever she had made a mistake – and of which I am very ashamed now). I accepted, and she dropped me right outside the bank. I was gracious enough to thank her and tell her it was very sweet of her (and I really meant that).

Then, once I had withdrawn my cash and had come out of the ATM, there was another of my colleagues standing outside, and waiting for a friend of ours. And quite unusually, instead of heading home, he was heading back to the office which is on my way home… so guess what, he not only dropped me as far as the office, but also stopped on the way so I could buy some medicines from a pharmacy.

So, I now had only 2 more kilometers to walk… disappointingly, there wasn’t an auto at the usual auto stand (I could afford to pay an auto for this small distance), so I continued walking a little distance when another auto stopped on its way down, and offered me a drop… and who should be sitting in the back, but an auto driver who had often charged me more than necessary! He had fractured his toe apparently, and was heading back home after the dressing… so I got yet another free ride.

In all I must have walked about a few meters at the most, and spent not a single rupee in the process – which is quite remarkable for me, because I saw God’s hand of provision. I pondered over what had caused me such favor in His sight for Him to use the most unlikely of people to be of service to me… and then I realized that only a short while ago I had ministered to someone else regarding his financial need…

It did strike me then that when we minister, God administers (as in provides). I did not have such a great financial need myself, but I had ministered to someone else’s need… and declared God’s promises quite strongly… that must have pleased God… and He rewarded me… for which I am very grateful.
So I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Jehovah Jireh…He’s my Provider!

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