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What can I do in my own might

To make people understand?

What can I say to make them see

It’s all as You have planned?

But Lord, You know things

More than any other,

Your ways are wise

‘Cause You’re my father;

And when You say to me,

“My child, sit still.”

I know you have in mind for me

Your perfect will.

So trust You, I must

With all my might,

Knowing You do things

Both good and right,

What fears I have

I place them down at Your feet,

Your will, dear Lord,

In my life do complete.


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It’s such a pretty sight

To see the moon shine O, so bright

As dusk fades into night.

Gone is the day

It’s time goodnight to say

And to our dear Lord pray;

For tomorrow looms ahead

With things unseen, unsaid

But I need not fear or dread.

‘Cause I know He holds my hand,

My whole life He has planned

Till I reach the eternal land.

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