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Feel so Blue

Blue as Blue can be

Not the Blue of the ocean

Not the Blue of the sky

Just a dull Blue

Colorless hue

And it’s not because of you


When will life take a turn for the better?

When will I ever be free?

Trapped like a bird in a cage

Waiting to break loose

Soar on the winds

Fly to heights unknown

And make my dreams come true


Feel so empty

At a loss of words or sympathy

Plain numb

As I succumb

To the pressure

It hurts but I can’t feel it

Breaks my heart

But I’m still alive


Don’t wanna talk about it

Just too hard to say it

No one around to hear it

Just my God and me


Fearful and unsure

Where the road I’m on will lead

Will it go on forever?

Or soon come to a dead end?

Am I headed in the right direction?

Am I going anywhere at all?


Feels like I’ve been traveling down this road forever

Thought I left this sleepy old town two weeks back

But I’m still here anyways

Never seem to get anywhere

Never seem to know where I’m going

Or if I’m on the right road at all

Low on gas coz I’ve been traveling so long

Can’t find my way around

And can’t seem to get out


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