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I researched the internet for information on how to get rid of lizards in the home, and this by far is the best stuff I’ve read, so here it is for all lizard haters or people who have a lizard phobia like me… this should help.

Lizards, like snakes, are opportunistic. Gardens, ponds and streams allow populations to prosper.  Sprinkler systems will deliver enough water to keep any lizard happy and this leads to many taking up residence along outside foundation walls.  Most species of lizards in North America are harmless and eat small insects.  Vegetation such as shrubs and flowers are excellent nesting areas for many types. These same plants can become a target for lizards that will find them to be a great source of water during dry spells or in arid regions when water is sparse.

Controlling lizards is easy.  Like snakes, there is no “spray” for them.  To keep lizard populations down, simply keep insect populations down.  By treating the foundation and landscape around your buildings, you will keep insect populations in check.  Use a product like CYPERMETHRIN for quick knockdown and control of outdoor roaches, ants and crickets.  If you allow these insects to thrive around your home, lizards and other undesirable creatures will move in for the free food.  By treating around your home on a regular basis, these populations will be kept in check. Use a good PUMP SPRAYER for doing the work and by keeping these insects in check you will be keeping lizards away. You can also use an aerosol treatment like BAYGON which comes with a crack and crevice tip for getting the treatment deep into voids where insects and lizards hide.

The treatment will kill off unwanted insects which serve as food and the treatment will also irritate lizards so they won’t live in treated areas. If you have the lizards living in the home, you will definitely need to use the Aerosol along with setting out some Lizard Traps. Since most lizards are insect eating, use a Glue Trap which has insect odor in the glue or that can be added. Roach scented LIZARD GLUE TRAPS placed out along baseboards, under furniture, on countertops or any place where you have seen lizards are very effective at catching and holding most common nuisance lizards. The roach pheromones are in the form of small pills which are simply dropped onto the glue trap. Undetectable by people but quickly found by foraging lizards, these boards can be used to trap out local populations. If you have a lot of larger lizards, you might have to make your own glue traps. BULK GLUE is basically nothing but the glue in a pail which can be removed and placed on cardboard, wood, plastic sheets, thin metal or any hard non-porous material. These custom made Glue Traps should be made large enough to insure you will be able to trap out whatever sized lizards are currently being seen. It is not uncommon for these traps to reach sizes of 2 feet wide by 4 feet long! By custom making your trap you can insure you have a large enough “catch area” for the job at hand. Also, by applying the glue directly to surfaces on which you note activity, you will be able to catch your target in a place where the pre made traps could not be applied. Trapped lizards can then be released by pouring vegetable oil where it has attached itself to the glue. They can also be destroyed if numbers are excessive and over abundant. If releasing, be sure to do so at least 1 mile away to insure they won’t return.

If you are having a problem with lizards that are either feeding on or extracting water from plants growing in the yard, you can try spraying them with the Cypermethrin listed above. It won’t hurt the plant and by reducing the insects which are active on the plant, you may be able to force the lizard to look elsewhere for food. Since the Cypermethrin has a sour taste, it can sometimes chase them away by bad taste alone. However, lizards will readily feed on succulent plants – like cacti – from which they can derive their need for water. This is a common problem in arid or dessert regions where water can become hard to find. If you have some type of plant that lizards are targeting as a water supply, there are two ways you can attempt to stop the damage they do. For some species of lizard, treating the plant with some ROPEL LIQUID will force them elsewhere. This bad tasting liquid won’t hurt the plant but is detectable by some species of lizard. The ones that can taste won’t like it and will leave alone any plant that is sprayed. Expect to retreat the plant once a week till all damage stops. Lizards will learn to go elsewhere to get their need for water fulfilled and once they move on you can usually reduce applications to once a month. If the species of lizard active on your property does not seem to have a sense of taste, the Ropel won’t work. To stop these lizards, you will have to protect the targeted plants with some ANIMAL/LIZARD NETTING. This fine mesh plastic is annoying to lizards when they try to chew through it. The plastic will get in their teeth and though it won’t present any hazard to them, it will prevent them from being able to properly chew. This annoyance is more than enough to get them to forage elsewhere. The netting is easy to apply and install and will last a long time. Be sure to place it around any plant you want to protect and replace it annually or as needed. Since the need for water can become a matter of survival, most any plant can become a target of thirsty lizards. Animal/Lizard Netting can prove to be well worth the time and cost when trying to save precious plants from these foraging pests.

(ref.: http://www.bugspray.com/article/reptiles.html)


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(Ref. Lessons from Lizards – Part III)
I actually learned some valuable truths from this incident (as is always the case in my experience with lizards). In this analogy, lizards represent Satan or any form of evil and my house is symbolic of a person’s life. With this in mind, these are the four truths:

1) A house is a lizard’s playground
Like the lizard, Satan gets a thrill out of playing about in your life. There’s nothing that could excite him more! His only aim is to mess around, creating havoc and leading you into fear, discontentment, anxiety, even self-hatred and many other negative emotions and actions.

2) Lizards don’t belong in your house
Allowing a lizard to stay in your house is a dangerous thing. You might think, “Oh well, what’s the harm in it? It’s such a harmless thing after all…” but the truth is that the devil is not always clad in black, with two horns and long ugly nails. He very often disguises himself in very subtle ways – ways you least expect him to appear – and then you’re caught unawares. So beware! He doesn’t belong in your life. The only One who has a right over your life is Jesus, and if you allow anything or anybody else to take His place, it will be disastrous!

3) Keeping lizards out requires a blockade
OK… if the Devil already has a place in your life, he needs to get out, but remember that getting him out is not enough – he needs to stay out! The only way to chase the devil off your turf is to invite Jesus into your life and to ask Him to take control. Once that’s done, you can set up a blockade by getting to know Jesus better… spend time with Him reading the Bible, and speaking to Him through prayer, and He’ll give you all the protection you need to ward off the devil.

4) Lizard-free does not mean carefree
This is an important point that I want to dwell on. Very often we think that once we invite Jesus into our life it’s gonna be a bed of roses… no more problems or worries… but that’s not true. Jesus Himself warned us in the Bible to “watch and pray, or you will fail” for the devil is like a roaring lion on the prowl, seeking to kill and destroy the children of God.
Now that’s a strong warning, but it is not intended to make anyone paranoid. 2 Timothy 1:7 says that, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of love, power and a sound mind. Therefore we need not fear the devil and what he contrives. We have sufficient freedom in and through Christ. Nevertheless, we must be cautious because the devil just waits for a loop hole by which he can squeeze in and you know what that means…

So, I hope I have given you something to ponder over…

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After having read my earlier blogs on lizards, you must have a fairly good idea as to how phobic I am about lizards. Just as little foxes can steal one’s happiness, in my case it has been the little (and giant) lizards that have driven me out of my wits and rendered me sleepless on several nights.

A few days ago, I was more than relieved to literally see the tail of one particularly large and ugly lizard that had not quite made up his mind whether my hall or my kitchen was the better of his haunts. Not only had he kept me confined to my bedroom most days, but he had also succeeded in creating in me a feeling of never wanting to go home at all. I would much rather have stayed at a friend’s place or worked late than have had to go home and gaze at his unsightliness!

Therefore, seeing him leave was the happiest moment of my life to say the least. I took full advantage of his departure and decided that if I wanted to seal any means of him or any of his companions from ever entering my house again, it was either now or never. So up I went on the highest object in my house – my refrigerator – and blocked the last reptilian gateway into my home. Phew! Finally!

Having done that, I should have been gallivanting around my house in glee, right? But that was not the case. There I was, still looking cautiously in every nook and corner, behind curtains and between door hinges – hunting for any signs of a lizard! I wanted to make sure that I had seen the last of the breed. Thankfully I found none, but that didn’t stop my vigilance.

So two nights later, when a newly hatched domestic reptile half the size of my little finger managed to find his way into my bedroom, I was glad to have been prepared with a mop near at hand. No murder ensued, but a teeny-weeny gap in my already blocked ventilator needed to be reinforced to prevent even the tiniest of trespassers from invading my territory again.

Keep checking in… There’s more to the story coming up…

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