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Funny how the topic of marriage has become an increasingly popular and often discussed one among many of my friends, more so in the recent past. I suppose the older we get with our statuses unchanged, the more pressure to be married by hook or by crook, to find that clichéd Mr. Right (or Miss. Right) and live happily ever after. I can understand this well in our Indian culture, with me being in this category myself – well, not exactly, but somewhere there… Anyway, all this talk about wanting to find the love of one’s life got me thinking and I decided to blog some of my thoughts.

To most of you reading this blog post, it is no news that I have been down that road many a time only to be hurt & disappointed (and vice versa to the concerned parties, I’m sure). I am presently at a point in life where I am just content to be single & let Jesus take that place rather than face more hurt & disappointment, although that is easier said than done. However, that does not mean I have been written off the “charts” or am no longer a fish swimming in the deep, wide ocean. The difference is, I’m no longer desperate to “get hooked” or to go find “the one” because I’m pretty confident anyone worth marrying is going to come find me! Moreover, like I quoted an unknown person some time ago, I do believe “A girl’s heart must so be hidden in Christ that a man has to seek Him to find her.” That’s the only kind of man I want to marry after all of my bitter experiences, and nothing short of that will do – a man who first seeks God & the kingdom of Heaven and finds that all the rest falls in line.

One of my friends recently asked me, “What do you girls expect? Jesus?!?” I thought about it, and the truth is, yes! :o) Well, at least for me… I sometimes wonder what a hot dude Jesus must have been while He lived on earth – son of a carpenter and carpenter Himself… I don’t think He ever needed a workout because the natural must have been gazillion times better. 😛 What??? Call it blasphemy, burn me at the stake if you like, but I’m pretty sure Jesus was HOT, in fact way HOTTER than any currently existing piece of male flesh for sure! He totally burned it up, and He still does for me, for real. No, I’m not kidding. I really mean that. I am completely in love with Jesus, and if anyone wants to win my heart, they’re gonna have to beat Him. So there! Ha! 🙂

That said, let’s be practical… marrying Jesus ain’t gonna happen as long as I’m on this earth, so here’s the next best option: a dash of Jeremy Camp, a pinch of Lincoln Brewster, a whole lot of Jesus on the inside, and I’m good to go. Wishful thinking? Maybe… but what am I going to lose by thinking?

So… to tie the knot or not? That is the question… As I pondered this, God showed me a fruit tree with a ripe red fruit hanging on it. I felt like that fruit myself, ready to be plucked. Now, let’s not allow our imaginations wander away & border on disgusting here… but a ripe fruit is good for several things: to be eaten as is, or to be made into a jam or juice or jelly or some other edible product. And with that, a ripe fruit would have served its purpose. But what if… what if… nobody actually plucked that ripe fruit? Would it have failed and not served a purpose? Over time it would fall to the ground, begin to shrivel, rot, and gradually become nothing but dirt. Sad.

I think the analogy is pretty clear, the plucked fruit resonating with the much-desired, fanciful married life while the rotted one represents the unmarried life of misery. But wait… what’s that I see? Several months, maybe even years, down the line I see a shoot springing up from the dirt. Tiny, green, easily mistaken for a weed, but a shoot nevertheless… In a few more months or years, I see that shoot grow into a large tree itself, bearing flowers, fruit & being a home to many a bird… much more than it could ever have achieved, had it been plucked and eaten or made into some other fancy foodstuff. Did the uneaten fruit not serve a purpose? Indeed not! I believe both the eaten & the rotten served their purposes just as had been destined even before the world began.

So here’s my conclusion: to be married some day remains a great desire. However, let not anyone who might not ever get married assume that his or her life is meaningless and has failed its purpose. In fact, God may be able to achieve greater, mightier things in and through your singleness than He could have ever achieved through your marriage. And for the married or marrying, I’m not done yet… eaten fruits must also have their seeds or cores discarded, which at some point reach the dirt too… and we all know what happens after. Therefore, eaten or rotten, you serve a purpose; serve it well! To tie the knot or not, it matters not.


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The majority of people that live in my apartment are extremely silly. Here’s why:

Our apartment has been having water problems in the past couple of months. We haven’t been getting water in our taps at all because there’s no water from the bore well. Instead, if we want to survive, we have to wake up at around 3:00 a.m. every alternate day, wait for the municipal water supply and store sufficient water for 2 days in our respective apartments. After everyone has filled all they can fill, if there is any remaining water in the sump, they pump it up to the overhead tank. But only one pipe downstairs has its valve open. So anyone who wants to fill extra water during the day has to fill what water comes out of this pipe. (Hope you’re still with me…)

But what happens more often than not is that in spite of having filled pot loads all night long, the same people line up early in the morning in front of the pipe with all the pots, buckets and cans they can find (where they find so many or have the place to store them, and what they do with the water they had filled just a few hours before I don’t know!) – so much so that those who come even a little later never get any water at all. In short, every neighbor of mine is nothing but pure selfish.

I struggled the past 2 months, lost the little weight I had put on, and have finally grown sick and tired of this ordeal – literally. I was more than grateful for the rains when they began, but that didn’t change my situation.

Finally I called the care taker and asked him why he wasn’t supplying water in our houses despite the rain, and this is what he had to say, “Actually, there is no water problem any more, but the others still want to go downstairs and fill water from the pipe. So when they do that, water from the overhead tank goes directly to the pipe and doesn’t come to the houses.”

!!! I was both dumbfounded and frustrated beyond words! I could not understand this senselessness that had overcome my neighbors! They would much rather climb up and down 2-3 flights of stairs, carrying heavy pots and cans of water some 10 times a day, and waste all their time and energy filling water from the pipe downstairs than simply having the water come right into their homes!

Hullo… Am I the only one that thinks this is stupidity?!?!? Why is it so hard for them to simply fill water from their own taps??? That way everyone will have enough and no one has to struggle to do it. It’s only fair! What’s so appealing about filling water from the pipe downstairs anyway??? Does it somehow give them the sense that they have filled more? Or do they simply enjoy the physical exercise it gives them? Or what?!?!? How thoughtless and selfish could one possibly get? Neighbors, fellow-humans, apartment-mates, why can’t you fill water from your own tap???

When I thought about this, I was strangely reminded of a verse from the Bible… “Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well.” – Proverbs 5:15. The context? Being faithful to your spouse and not being tempted into adultery. One mmight wonder, what’s the connection, but I’m not going to elaborate on that. I’ll leave it for those who read this to study the passage themselves and ponder over it (it’s Proverbs 5:15-23). All I have to say is this: Don’t be selfish and thoughtless like my neighbors. Please fill water from your own tap!

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